Some of the best sneakers for autumn

by Linde
5 mins read

It’s already autumn, and a new month might call for a new pair of sneakers. A reason for this could be that the weather is getting colder. The general style of clothing is also just a little different. For instance, there are certain colours that come up a lot more during this season, such as browns and reds. There are a lot of great sneakers that are perfect for autumn. Especially for you, we have listed some of these great pairs. Who knows, there might be something nice for you among them.

New Balance 550 Size? Sand

The New Balance 550 Size? Sand combines some beautiful colours that make for a great ensemble. The brown and creamy colours complement each other perfectly and the blueish logo provides a nice contrast. Precisely because of the shades of brown in the sneaker, it suits autumn perfectly. The natural colours fit nicely with the falling leaves of the trees and the brownish colour they have taken on.

Nike Dunk Low Judge Grey

Another sneaker that contains beautiful, brown tones is the Nike Dunk Low Judge Grey. Looking at the sneaker’s name, you might think that it’s grey. In contrast, most of the sneaker is actually brown. These brown tones are a perfect match for autumn, and this makes these sneakers fit in perfectly with this list. White details can also be found in the design. For instance, the laces, the logo and part of the sole are white. This therefore makes the sneakers extra interesting to look at.

Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Slate

The Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Slate doesn’t necessarily feature tan colours, but the design consists mainly of natural, earthy tones. The black stripe on the side of the sneaker provides a nice contrast. It’s a sneaker that you can pair with many different outfits, and precisely because of the earth tones the design contains, they go perfectly with many different autumn outfits.

Air Jordan 1 Low Green Toe

Another colour that goes well with autumn is green. So, if you are looking for something colourful, the Air Jordan 1 Low Green Toe is an excellent option. The green colour is really beautiful and together with the white and black details, it creates a great look. It’s a really interesting trainer to look at, as there are some great details on it. For instance, the different logos found all over the sneaker and the beautiful colours that alternate throughout the design.

Chuck 70 CDG Play Comme Des Garcon

Do you like wearing Converse sneakers, but find them a bit too thin for winter? Then it’s best to buy a pair now. After all, you can wear them in autumn just fine. A really nice one is the Chuck 70 CDG Play Comme Des Garcon. The collaboration between these two great brands has brought with it a great sneaker. The design of the sneaker is fairly quiet, but the Comme Des Garcon logo makes it extra eye-catching. All in all, it is a great sneaker that definitely belongs in this list.