Nike Dunk Highs in the spotlight

by Linde
5 mins read

The weather is getting cooler again, which means it’s time for warmer shoes. A higher shoe offers more warmth, which is why the Nike Dunk Highs are perfect for colder weather. Because of this, we like to put these sneakers in the spotlight. Of course, there are many different variations, but we have already listed some great options for you.

Nike Dunk High Desert Camo

First of all, we have the Nike Dunk High Desert Camo. This is not only a sneaker that offers you warmth, but it’s also a real statement piece. The striking pattern of the sneakers is really beautiful, and this therefore makes it an interesting design. Many different shades of brown have been used. This natural colour creates a perfect balance with the more pronounced pattern. These sneakers are really fantastic and contain very interesting details.

Nike Dunk High Pink Oxford (W)

If you want to go for a slightly simpler model, the Nike Dunk High Pink Oxford (W) is a great option. It comes a bit closer to the classic model of the Nike Dunk High. The pink colour of the sneaker is beautiful and striking. In fact, it’s fairly pronounced, which makes it an interesting sneaker. The design is a bit quieter, making the sneaker easy to combine. However, the colour is a bit more striking, so it can also serve as a great eye catcher.

Nike Dunk High Lakers

Fan of the Lakers? Then it’s definitely worth checking out the Nike Dunk High Lakers. This type of Nike Dunk High is inspired by the American basketball team called the Los Angeles Lakers. The colour combination purple and yellow that appears in the team’s logo and jersey are also used in the design of the sneakers. This is not only a great sneaker if you’re a fan of the Lakers, but also if you love this beautiful colour combination and when you’re looking for a real statement piece, this sneaker is definitely worth considering.

Nike Dunk High Australia

Do you like the colour green? Then we have a great sneaker for you, namely the Nike Dunk High Australia. The colour green used in the design of this sneaker is really beautiful and comes back all over the shoe. The green colour is combined with white and this creates a nice contrast. On the tongue and the back of the shoe, there are also a few yellow details. It’s a great sneaker that provides you warmth and can be combined with many different outfits.

Nike Dunk High Crimson Bliss (W)

For those looking for a warm sneaker with a fresh, cheerful colour, we have the Nike Dunk High Crimson Bliss (W). The colours white and grey are combined with a beautiful salmon colour. The white and salmon colour are used all over the sneaker and together with the grey logo, a beautiful whole is formed. It really is a beautiful sneaker that definitely belongs in this list. All in all, there are some great Nike Dunk Highs that will give you the warmth you need during the cold weather.