Styling New Balance 550 White Grey’s

by Linde
5 mins read

The New Balance 550 White Grey is a popular sneaker that is a jack of all trades. Styling these sneakers can be a real treat, especially when you know what brings them out perfectly. Sometimes it’s nice to use a style guide when styling your sneakers. We are happy to offer you this style guide, with which you can do justice to your New Balance 550 White Grey‘s.

Choose neutral colours

As the name of the sneakers already says, they are white with grey. These two neutral colours look great with a huge variety of other colours. But how fun is it to go completely for neutral colours and complete the look that way. It’s simple, beautiful and it really brings out the shoes. Choose a comfortable pair of sweatpants and pair it with a simple, white top. Put a jacket over it in the same color as the sweatpants and you’re done!

Go for casual chic

Of course, you can also wear the sneakers when you go to school, to work or to the mall. We understand that you might prefer a casual chic outfit then. Find a nice, loose pair of pants in a neutral colour and combine it with a loose top in white, grey, or black. Make the outfit a bit more striking by wearing a coat in a more outspoken colour and wear white socks in the shoes to emphasize the casual aspect. By choosing a somewhat longer coat, everything fits together perfectly and it’s comfortable too.

Layering is a great option

You can wear the shoes in both warm and cold weather. It can be really nice to use layers, especially when it’s a little chilly outside. Try to make sure that the shoes do not disappear into the whole and that you can still see them. Otherwise, it would of course be a waste. For example, choose a nice pair of long, flared pants and wear a hoodie in a colour that matches the pants nicely. It’s extra pretty and warm to wear a jacket over the hoodie that has the same colour as the pants. Wear warm socks in the sneakers and you have your warm and fashionable outfit ready.


Keep it comfy (and grey)

These sneakers also look great under a comfortable outfit. Choose your most favourite tracksuit or home suit and combine it with the sneakers. Because the sneakers have such neutral colours, they really fit with any colour tracksuit or home suit. Yet it is nice to stay with the neutral colours and choose a complete outfit in grey. Put on a nice pair of grey sweatpants and combine them with a grey sweater or hoodie. By keeping the outfit in one colour, the sneakers stand out and you can use them as a real eye-catcher.

So, you can see that the shoes can be paired with many different outfits. Therefore, it is definitely a pair that fits perfectly in many sneaker collection. Are you looking for a pair of sneakers that you can wear a lot and combine with many outfits? Then the New Balance 550 White Grey are definitely worth considering.