Fantastic sneakers for the little ones

by Linde
5 mins read

We’re mostly looking at sneakers for the adults among us, but there are some great options for the little ones as well. Not only are they pretty and fashionable, they’re also incredibly cute. Imagine apair of your favourite sneakers, but in a lot of sizes smaller. Do you want to spoil your child, nephew,niece or the little one of your best friend? If so, you might find a great option in this list.

Air Jordan 4 Retro Military Black (TD)

Are you looking for a pair of small sneakers, but for a slightly tougher toddler? Then the Air Jordan 4 Retro Military Black (TD) might be just what you are looking for. The design contains mostly neutral colours and tons of beautiful details. It is a perfect option for both boys and girls. Besides the fact that they are obviously beautiful, they also run very nice for these little ones. The only cute thing about these sneakers is the size, the rest is mostly nice and cool.

Yeezy Slide Pure (Infant + Kids)

A pair of Yeezy Slides can’t be missed in this list. They come in many different colours and not only toddlers can be happy with them, because Yeezy Slides are also made for infants. They don’t evenhave to be able to walk, because the handy strap on the back keeps them in place while playing and crawling. They are especially nice in the summer. You’ll want your child to wear something on their feet and slides are a perfect option to keep them cool whilst doing that. Take a look at the Yeezy Slide Pure for example. These are great for both kids and infants.

Air Jordan 1 Retro Low OG SP Travis Scott Reverse Mocha (TD)

Another great option is the Air Jordan 1 Retro Low OG SP Travis Scott Reverse Mocha (TD). These sneakers are not only beautiful, but also easy to combine with many different outfits. Don’t you know which sneakers you should let your little one wear? Then chances are that these are a life saver.They are low sneakers, which can also be very nice during the warmer days. The earth tones are combined with small, red details. They are a fantastic pair of sneakers that are a great option for any child.

Yeezy Boost 700 MNVN Orange (Infant)

Lastly, we want to highlight the Yeezy Boost 700 MNVN Orange (Infant). Because these sneakers are really great eye-catchers. The orange colour is incredibly cheerful, so many kids will really like these sneakers. On the side of the sneakers, it says ‘700’ in reflective letters. This way you can keep an eye on them even when it’s dark.

Just kidding of course, but it’s handy for sure. The orange colour is combined with black, which can be found for example on the sole, the upper and in the laces of the sneakers. This is another great option for the little ones among us. So don’t wait and get a pair of fantastic sneakers for your little one with us right now.