Nike Air Max BW OG Black Persian Violet Leather

by Linde
5 mins read

If you are a real trainer fanatic, you probably know what the Nike Air Max BW looks like. This shoe should definitely not be underestimated, because it is a versatile shoe. This is especially true for the Black Persian Violet Leather version from 2021. But why is this such a great sneaker? And what makes it a must-have in your shoe collection? We will answer these questions in this article, so you will be convinced to get these shoes.




What exactly is the Nike Air Max BW and what is it made of?

The Nike Air Max BW (which stands for Big Window) is a shoe that was designed back in 1991. Last year, this trainer existed 30 years. Because of this, Nike brought this type back on the market, which of course we are all very happy about. The Nike Air Max BW is one of the Nike trainers with a transparent Air Max sole. The base of the trainer is made of black mesh and is combined with overlays of suede. Also, the double mudguard of the shoe consists of different colours. One is often white and the other black. At the back of the shoe, a different material is used, namely rubber. The combination of all these different materials makes it a sturdy, beautiful and luxurious shoe.


And what about the Nike Air Max BW OG Black Persian Violet Leather version?

The Black Persian Violet Leather version of the Nike Air Max BW looks basically the same as the other versions, but with the fantastic colour violet. The front is still black and white, but the further you go to the back of the shoe, the more the colour violet shows up. The colour can be found, for example, on the tongue, but also on the area around the ankle. Besides these two areas, the Swoosh and the midsole are also coloured violet. The upper of the shoe rests on a white with violet midsole. The ‘Big Window’ is clearly reflected in this shoe, making it a true classic. The combination of neutral colours with the striking colour violet makes the shoe so versatile, but why do you really need to own this shoe?

So… why should the Nike Air Max BW OG Black Persian Violet Leather (2021) be part of your shoe collection?

There are a number of things that make this shoe a real must have. First of all, it is a true classic. The shoe has been around for a long time, and it has never been lost out of sight. Also, they are comfortable shoes, which is of course one of the most important things. What is perhaps the nicest thing about this shoe is that they are fun to style. As we have already discussed, it is a shoe that has both neutral and striking colours. The front is fairly neutral, while the more pronounced colours are on the back of the shoe. This way, they are easy to style with a more striking outfit, but they can also be a real eye-catcher.

Do you want them to be the eye-catcher? Then go for a more neutral outfit, like an all-black one. As you can see, the Nike Air Max BW OG Black Persian Violet Leather has a lot of advantages, so don’t hesitate and get your pair now!