How to style the Yeezy Slide Pure?

by Linde
5 mins read

What is easier and more comfortable than putting on a pair of slides? Not much. Yet, after a while, walking in most slides becomes uncomfortable and they sometimes even look cheap. However, there is a solution to this problem, namely the Yeezy Slide Pure. These slides have a luxurious look and feel and are also comfortable. The only problem is that it can be difficult to style them. Wondering how to do this and what type of outfit would go best with these slides? Then please read on!


The Yeezy Slide Pure as a real eye-catcher

The Yeezy Slide Pure‘s come in a lot of different colours. Some of these colours are more neutral and less noticeable, but they also come in very pronounced colours, such as yellow and orange. When you go for a pair in a striking colour, it can be cool to use them as a real eye-catcher. Go for a simple outfit in black, white, or grey, for example. A nude colour can also work really well. Put on a pair of socks in the same colour as the outfit and wear them in the slides. This way, you can put together a trendy outfit with the Yeezy Slide Pure‘s as the most striking aspect.


Creating the Yeezy Slide Pure as part of an everyday outfit

You don’t have to go to the beach to wear slides. You can also add them to an everyday outfit, especially when you own the Yeezy Slide Pure’s. The important thing is that it matches the outfit. If you choose a pair of slides in a neutral colour, you can hardly go wrong. Try to make sure that the colour of the slides matches the outfit. Take a nude pair of the Yeezy Slide Pure for example. Go for nude trousers, black socks, and a white shirt. You can also replace the white shirt with a black one, or even go for a black pair of trousers. The most important thing is that the colours match. As long as this is the case, you can be totally creative with it.

The Yeezy Slide Pure under a summer outfit

Slides are most commonly worn in the summer and are definitely not winter shoes. Therefore, they are perfect to complete a summer outfit. For example, choose a nice pair of long trousers that stands out and wear the Yeezy Slide Pure‘s underneath. Just make sure the colour matches the trousers. To make it even easier, it is best to choose a white top to complete the look. The biggest advantage: you don’t need socks because it is a summer outfit.


Choose the Yeezy Slide Pure as a comfortable option

Sometimes there’s no need to dress up, like when you’re going to the supermarket. When you just want to go for a comfortable outfit, the Yeezy Slide Pure‘s are your best friend. Go for some shorts with a t-shirt or for sweatpants with a cropped top. As long as the colours match, the Yeezy Slide Pure will totally complete your chill outfit.