New Balance 550 Inspiration Post

by Linde
5 mins read

Many sneaker lovers probably have a favourite type of sneaker. For some, for example, this will be the fantastic New Balance 550. As with many other sneaker types, there area lot of different versions of this sneaker. To give you a good idea of some of the options out there, we offer you this New Balance 550 Inspiration Post.

New Balance 550 White Grey

First of all, we have the New Balance 550 White Grey. This is perhaps one of themost versatile sneakers from New Balance. Not only does the design consist of only light, natural colours, but it also has a beautiful, classy look. This makes it a sneaker that should not miss from your sneaker collection, especially when you are a New Balance fan.

New Balance 550 Cream Black

Do you prefer a more pronounced sneaker with some bolder colours? Then the New Balance 550 Cream Black might be the sneaker for you. It looks a bit like the edition mentioned above, only this design uses some darker colours and tints that are a bit further apart from each other. Also, a very interesting sneaker to have in your sneaker collection.

New Balance 550 Mint Green

Moving on to a more colourful version, the New Balance 550 Mint Green. These sneakers are largely white, but this colour is complemented by beautiful, mint green details that make the sneakers stand out a bit more. They are nice, cheerful, and perfect for during the summer days. Of course, this does not mean that you cannot wear them in winter, because even then you can bring some cheerfulness along by wearing these sneakers.

New Balance 550 Syracuse

We’ll stay in the colourfuls pheresfor a moment, as the New Balance 550 Syracuse also brings a beautiful colour with it. The colour orange comesout clearly in various details and makes the sneaker a lot more pronounced and a lot more eye-catching. The orange details give the sneaker a fresh look and for good reason, it is a sneaker that is definitely worth considering.

New Balance 550 Silver Birch (W)

For the ladies among us, there is the New Balance 550 Silver Birch (W). This is another very versatile sneaker. This is partly due to different shades of white that are combined with different other natural and neutral colours that have been used inthe design of this sneaker. The combination of these different shades and colours makes the sneakers even more interesting to look at.

New Balance 550 x Aimé Leon Dore Silver Grey

And then we have the New Balance 550 x Aimé Leon Dore Silver Grey. This collaboration between two fantastic brands has resulted in a beautiful sneaker. The combination of different shades of white and grey brings with it a distinct, yet versatile sneaker. The colours seamlessly fit together, and this results in a great whole. Are you looking for a sneaker that goes with many outfits, yet stands out a bit more? Then this sneaker is a great option.