The Nike Dunk Low Rose Whisper

by Linde
5 mins read

Attention ladies! One of the most cheerful, colourful, and elegant sneakers are available with us and we can’t wait to tell you more about this pair of shoes. They are not only charming, but also comfortable, easy to match and perfect for during the summer days. We are of course talking about the Nike Dunk Low Rose Whisper. Wondering why this is a sneaker you should definitely consider? Then we would like to tell you a little bit more about these fantastic gems.

A little bit more about the Nike Dunk Low Rose Whisper

The Nike Dunk Low Rose Whispers have only been out since February, but they are already a staple of the Nike Dunk collection. The colourway of this pair consists of a pastel pink combined with white. The pink colour can be found all over the shoe. For example, you can find it on the sole, the laces, the Nike logo, and the heel. Together with the white colour, it creates a calm look that is perfect to combine with a lot of different summer outfits.

What is the best way to style this sneaker?

We can claim that it is an easy sneaker to match with different outfits, but then we have to give an example to prove it. Just keep in mind that these sneakers are especially perfect for summer and thus for summer outfits. This is partly because the sneakers contain light colours and therefore do not go well with very dark outfits. If you want to match these sneakers with a great outfit, choose a nice pair of white shorts and wear a top above them in the same kind of colour as the pinkish tones of the sneakers. The sneakers also combine well with other pastel colours. Both pastel pink and white are versatile colours that go well with many other colours. Want to make sure your outfit matches the shoes? Then go for neutral tones or other pastel colours. That way you can hardly miss the mark.

Why should you buy the Nike Dunk Low Rose Whisper?

There are so many different great sneakers out there, that it can be difficult at times to choose between all these options. To help you out, we’ll tell you several pros of the Nike Dunk Low Rose Whisper. First of all, it is a very sturdy shoe. This is because they have a rubber sole including a basketball twist. This not only provides sturdiness, but also extra grip. In addition, they are also comfortable. The low collar of the shoe is padded, which ensures that they run great and have a sleek look. Also, these sneakers have sufficient cushioning, and they feel light while wearing. This is because the sneakers have a foam midsole.

So, all in all it is clear that the Nike Dunk Low Rose Whispers are very fine, beautiful, and easy to combine. There are so many pros that make them definitely worth considering. So don’t hesitate and take a look on our website. Maybe this pair of sneakers is the one you are looking for.