TOP 5 Picks – Week 36 – 2022

by Linde
5 mins read

It’s been a while, but we’ve put together another TOP 5 Picks for you. We’ve listed some new, amazing sneakers for you and chances are you’ve never seen them before. After all, these sneakers were dropped not too long ago. New Balance, Nike and Yeezy have pulled out all the stops and released some fantastic gems. Curious which ones they are? We can’t wait to tell you more about them.

1.New Balance 550 Au Lait (W)

We’re kicking things off strong right away with a great one. The New Balance 550 Au Lait (W) is a beautiful, fresh sneaker with a strong composite design. The vast majority of the sneaker contains natural, calm colours. A few details, on the other hand, have a distinct, fresh, and summery colour,namely orange. All shades complement each other so well, really creating a fantastic whole. Therefore, it is a perfect option for the ladies among us, especially during these hot summer days.

2.Nike Dunk Low SE 85 Neptune Green (W)

The Nike Dunk Low SE 85 Neptune Green (W) also contains some beautiful colours. These sneakers are just a bit more pronounced than the above-mentioned sneakers. The colour green is used prominently and all over the shoe it is combined with white. A great detail that makes these sneakers extra special is the extra Nike logo on the side of the sneaker. This one is not only extra, but alsoblue. This makes it an interesting detail that completes the sesneakers. Also, the green and blue colour complement each other beautifully and match surprisingly well.

3.Nike Air Max 2013 Stussy Fossil

A slightly less pronounced sneaker is the Nike Air Max 2013 Stussy Fossil. This is because the design of these sneakers contains only neutral and natural colours. The entire sneaker has a natural, sandy colour except for a few details. The Nike logo on the side and the sole are black.

In addition, the word”Stussy” is located on the side of the sneaker and there is an additional Nike logo added to the top. These are both dark grey. The fact that less pronounced colours were used does not mean that these sneakers are less interesting. In fact, you can wear them with almost any outfit, which makes them very versatile.

4.Yeezy Foam RNR MX Carbon

Are you looking for an even more special sneaker to add to your sneaker collection? Then the Yeezy Foam RNR MX Carbon might be just what you’re looking for. The Yeezy Foam sneakers are special intheir own right, but this version uses some bold, bright colours on a black background. This makes them even more striking, and this is definitely a reason to add them to your collection.

5.New Balance 1500 MiUK Beams x Paperboy

Lastly, we have a great pair from New Balance. A collaboration between Beams and Paperboy has brought with it a great sneaker. The New Balance 1500 MiUK Beams x Paperboy is a striking, yet quiet sneaker. There are an awful lot of great details on the sneakers that are combined with quiet colours such as black, white, and grey. These colours are complimented by a slightly brighter, pronounced shade of blue that brings a fresh touch along. These are sneakers with a great design that are definitely worth considering.