Styling Nike Dunk Low Team Red

by Linde
5 mins read

Do you know what’s so great about the Nike Dunk Low Team Red? Of course, we could give you a whole list when answering this question, but for now we’re talking about the fact that they are simple and at the same time can be a real eye-catcher with almost any outfit. This ensures that you can go all out when putting together an outfit and eventually pair it with this pair of sneakers. To get an idea of the different possibilities, we listed some cool outfit combinations for you that are perfect to wear with the Nike Dunk Low Team Red.

Go for black and white

Black and white can really be combined with anything. The fact that there is white in the Nike Dunk Low Team Red as well, makes it extra fun to play with white. For example, you can go for black pants and a white top. This way the white comes back on top of the outfit and underneath through the white of the sneakers. By choosing black pants, you make the outfit extra interesting to look at. So, you see that black and white are very easy to combine. By choosing these two colours for the outfit, the red of the sneakers will also stand out even more.

Oversized is the way to go

Oversized outfits are still hugely popular and also fit in perfectly with the vibe of the sneakers. Indeed, the Nike Dunk Low Team Red have a casual look, which can therefore be combined really well with a casual, oversized look. Choose comfortable, baggy jeans and combine them with an oversized t-shirt. Not only for men, but also for women, this can be a great, yet simple look.

A playful outfit is always fun

Some people like to keep their outfit nice and playful. The Nike Dunk Low Team Red is very suitable for this as well. We recommend you choose pants in a natural colour, so you can go all the way with the rest of the outfit. Find a top that appeals to you or maybe even go for your favourite T-shirt. Combine it with the pants and finish the outfit with the sneakers. In this way you have created an outfit that suits you and your style perfectly.

Keep it simple

Do you want the shoes to be the star of the outfit? Then keep the rest of the outfit simple. For example, choose a pair of black shorts and combine them with a black top. When it is colder outside, you can of course go for a longer pair of pants as well. By choosing a colour like black, white, or grey, you keep the outfit simple, and you can use the sneakers as a real eye-catcher. In this way, the clothing forms a beautiful whole with the sneakers, and you have put together a fantastic outfit.

Go all out!

Is your style not simple and do you like to pull out all the stops? Then you can definitely go for a more striking outfit. Choose a print that you like and let it come back in both the pants and the top, for example in a blouse. Wear a t-shirt under the blouse that you like and play around with the colours. Try to match the colours of the clothes with the colour of the sneakers, so it all fits together nicely. So, you see that the Nike Dunk Low Team Red can also be combined with a more striking outfit.