Air Jordan 1 Mid Sanddrift (W)

by Linde
5 mins read

We have good news for every sneaker lover: the brand-new Air Jordan 1 Mid ‘Sanddrift’ (W) has been released this month! As you might be able to tell from the name, it’s a sand-colored sneaker. This means that it has a lot of possibilities when you want to combine them with different outfits. However, this is not the only exciting detail about this pair of fantastic sneakers. Want to know more? Then read on quickly and find out why the Air Jordan 1 Mid Sanddrift (W) should absolutely be added to your sneaker collection.

A little bit of information about the Air Jordan 1

Peter Moore is the one who designed the Air Jordan 1 a long time ago. Many of the components of these sneakers are taken from some pre-existing Nike designs. The only thing that he really designed completely exclusively for the Air Jordan 1 is the logo. This logo was designed for Michael Jordan’s agent, namely David Falk. Today we know this logo as the “wings” logo. Over time, the Air Jordan 1 has become very popular sneaker and new models are still coming out.

Since when have these versatile sneakers been available?

The Air Jordan 1 Mid Sanddrift (W) is a true new gem. In fact, these sneakers were not released until April twelve, 2022. So, the chances are slim that someone around you has the same pair of sneakers. This means you can probably shine with a beautiful, special pair of sneakers. However, there is one ‘but’. There is a very big chance that the Air Jordan 1 Mid Sanddrift (W) will only come out in women’s sizes.

This means that they will be available up to size 44.5. So, people with bigger feet will have to choose another pair of sneakers. If you can buy them, they are available on different websites, including ours! So, take a look at our assortment and find out if they are available in your size.

Why do you really have to get this pair of sneakers? What makes them so beautiful?

As we mentioned earlier, the Air Jordan 1 Mid Sanddrift (W) is sand-coloured, which can be seen as a neutral and calm colour. The big advantage of this is that you can wear them with a huge variety of outfits and other colours. Nevertheless, this is not the only colour that the shoe contains. Certain details, such as the laces, the collar and the Wings logo are dark blue, also called Midnight Navy. This creates a very nice contrast to the light colour of the rest of the sneaker. The out- and midsole are both white, which completes the whole look of the shoe. The Nike mark on the side of the sneaker is sand colored, which makes it blend in nicely with the rest of the upper. This also makes the Wings logo stand out extra.

As the name implies, it is a mid-height shoe, which can be very handy. You can wear them in the summer, but they also will keep your ankles nice and warm in the winter. Another feature of the Air Jordan 1 Mid Sanddrift (W) is that they are quite narrow, which makes them very elegant sneakers.

Convinced of the fact that you really need to get this pair of sneakers? Then don’t wait too long and look them up in our webshop!