TOP 5 Picks – Week 5 – 2022 /Air Jordan, Nike, Adidas/

by Beau
5 mins read

Another week, another set of splendid new releases. The color scheme varies from powerful reds to more natural and muted colors. Could I even call them shy? Nevertheless, these exciting pairs of Adidas Yeezy, Nike Dunk Low, and Air Jordan 3 and 4 are going to warm the hearts of every sneaker lover. 

To assist your hunt for your new pair of sneakers, we are going to highlight five types of sneakers to celebrate upcoming popular releases for this month. It will make your search for the perfect pair of sneakers a whole lot easier because we filtered out our favorites. One pair might find its way to your ever-expanding collection.

1. Adidas Yeezy 500 Blush

The first pair takes the stage blushing with its pale pink monochromatic palette set to be restocked in February 2022. But we shouldn’t forget the Adidas Yeezy 500 Blush is anything but shy with its design. A well-loved and often sought for pair. The qualities are already known. The mesh on the tongue and sides gives off a strong impression which is enhanced by the intricate design of the shoelaces. And if that didn’t convince you of the durability, the strong sole with adiPRENE and heel will persuade you. Also, these sneakers have great versatility because you can wear them on long days of hiking on trails, but also perfect for daily wear. This is a pair suitable for everyday life and with their ability to elevate your confidence, they are the perfect pair to add to your collection. Shy but powerful and strong. Just like you. 

2. Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 CMPCT Slate Red

It is almost March, but this pair of Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 CMPCT Slate Red transports you right back to fall. Even though it was released on the 17th of February, the pair is again famous for its three stripes on the side and newly chosen tonal red color. It is a welcome change since the original has been on the market for six years without any update. The idea of orange, red, and yellow leaves underneath the soles blends right into the fall wonderland.

The color resembles the warmth of a fireplace with its strong and bold color. The brown undertones give a subtle contrast to this fieriness, like a log in the warm fireplace. Subtly, it emphasizes the knit structure of the shoe and the small black animal pattern-like design. Lastly, the strong boost sole is a signature part of the Yeezy line and is used to bring comfort and support the sneaker wearer. 

3. Nike Dunk Low Light Violet (W)

Another wonderful February release and restock, Nike Dunk Low Light Violet (W), is a pair exclusively made for women. The muted color makes it perfect for everyday wear and style it with any type of outfit. Flowy summer dresses of spring skirts. This is the absolute dream for women that want something minimalistic, but still want a slight pop of color.

The design is based on the white on the base and the purple color, also called Venice, rules the swoosh and the overlays. It is not a surprise this silhouette is the most popular now and this release might even increase the hype. Especially because it is directed to females, and they finally get time to shine. It is the perfect pair of shoes to buy for your Spring collection and maybe you’ll wear them even longer. Who says you cannot wear light violet in the Summer?

4. Air Jordan 3 Retro Cardinal Red

The Air Jordan brand released another masterpiece in the early months of the year called the Air Jordan 3 Retro Cardinal Red. They are lightning, bold yet natural with white colors and animal print. The color scheme is very interesting focusing on white, cardinal red, and gray. The new releases are derived from an older release: the Air Jordan 7 Cardinal last seen on the shelves in 2011. To distinguish this piece of art, adjustments have been made.

The white leather takes up most of the shoes but then the elephant prints overlays take the stage together with the cardinal red color on the eyelets, liner, and midsole. But that is not all, there is a bright orange Jumpman and some eyelets in the same color. Another pair of sneakers you need to run to the store to add to your collection. What shoes are you going to wear for the rest of the month?

5. Air Jordan 4 Retro Red Thunder

The Air Jordan 4 Retro Red Thunder will thunder right into your shoe collection, especially since red has become such a popular color. The sales for red shoes shoot right through the roof. This pair with its cool blacks and red will be a winner. This isn’t a big surprise because they are already a big success and there are only limited pairs of sneakers.

This specific release has an important history which makes them even more wanted. In short, the thunder comes from the yellow and black release in 2012. Now it’s back, it can always be worn, and the red gives it the Tyson kick. So, understandably this release is very important for the Air Jordan community for the meaning behind the sneakers. Get your hands on them fast.