White sneakers are a summer ‘must’

by Linde
5 mins read

In summer, we prefer to wear light colours. And what colour is lighter than white? Exactly, none of them. So white sneakers belong to every summer sneaker collection. Another advantage is that white really fits underneath any outfit. It goes without saying that white sneakers are a (summer) must for everyone. Fortunately, we have enough white options for you, and we would like to highlight a few of them.

adidas Stan SmithWhite Green (OG)

We start with one of the classics among sneakers, namely the one and only adidas Stan Smith White Green (OG). Adidas has been putting out a real gem for years with these shoes. They are simple, but definitely not boring. The coloured detail on the back makes them special. The fact that they are white makes them summery and easy to combine. It is therefore certainly a classic that won’t be out of place in any sneaker collection.

Air Jordan 1 Mid Triple White (2020) (GS)

The next white gem is the Air Jordan 1 Mid Triple White (2020) (GS). This is another beautiful white sneaker that is popular with a huge number of sneaker lovers. They are mid-high, giving you plenty of support and allowing you to wear them during colder weather as well. Almost all details are white, except for the logo on the tongue, which is black. This detail adds a little something extra and makes it a beautiful whole.

Nike Air Force 1 Sage Low Triple White (W)

The Nike Air Force 1 Sage Low Triple White (W) are very classy and elegant. The high sole and the logo detail on the laces ensures that this elegant and classy look is combined with a somewhat tougher aspect. So, as you can see, this sneaker really has it all. The fact that there are so many different styles in it does not make it chaotic. It is a beautiful whole that is very well designed.

Yeezy 450 ‘Cloud White’

The Yeezy 450 ‘Cloud White’ has a slightly different shade of white than the aforementioned sneakers. They are a little less bright and have a slightly softer colour. The soles are really fantastic and make the shoes a real eye-catcher with any outfit. They may not be the most typical ‘white sneakers’, but this doesn’t make them any less awesome.

Nike Air Max 98 White

The Nike Air Max 98 White combine different shades of white with each other. The details are really great, so take an extra close look at these sneakers. They have a kind of double sole and of course these are the airy soles of the Nike Air Max. The top of the shoe has the somewhat brighter white tones and the more you go down, the softer these tones become. They are tremendously detailed, and this makes them definitely belong in this list.

New Balance 550 White Grey

New Balance also has some beautiful white ones. One of these is the New Balance 550 White Grey. They are very elegant sneakers that go perfectly with any clothing style. The details on the sneakers are very beautiful and subtle, which ensures that they will appeal to almost every sneaker lover.