TOP 5 Picks – Week 9 – 2022 /Air Jordan, Adidas, Nike/

by Beau
5 mins read

It’s always nice to start a new week with a new list of marvelous colored sneakers. Ones that like a bright bouquet of flowers on the table will put a spring in your step when you wear them. New releases have found their way to Hypeboost and are ready to rock your world. Today, five new stars are presented: Jordan 1, Nike Dunk Low, Nike Air Max 90, and Adidas with an incredibly long name.

Don’t you feel the need to treat yourself to some wonderful sneakers? Below you can find descriptions of 5 new releases waiting to be added to your closet. Are you going for some colorful ones or something more natural? Anyway, I am sure one of these lovely pairs of sneakers will capture your heart and walk away with you.

1. Air Jordan 1 Mid Linen

It is no surprise that this pair made its way on top of this week’s list. Aid Jordan 1 Mid Linen was first introduced in 2000 and is famous for the greatest colorways of the Jordan. The mid has become so popular over the years, so it is no surprise it rose on the charts for a great pair to have for the season. Also, the colorway gives the pair a sophisticated feel making it adaptable to every style.

The sneaker is based on three colors: the darker linen bases and overlays, white leather, and a lighter brownish color peeking out in a few places on the ankle. The characteristics of this sneaker are the brown Jumpan of the tongue and the Nike swoosh as an overlay on the white leather. These sneakers do not only elevate your style but also boost your confidence. If that is your aim, this pair is for you.

2. Nike Dunk Low Essential Paisley Pack Green (W)

This lovely green pair of Nike Dunk Low is a breath of fresh air and perfect for the upcoming Spring season. The Paisley pattern made its way onto the design and new innovations altered the Nike Dunk Low Essential Paisley Pack Green (W). The design is made to celebrate the upcoming Saint Patrick’s Day with all its clovers and love for the rich green color.

Smooth leather covers the design from head to toe combined with a rich green color. The green is found on the laces, the overlays, and the tongue of the sneakers. In addition, the Nike Swoosh is covered in a nice detail: the white Paisley pattern against the rich green. Branding can be found on the tongue and heels. A perfect way to present the design of which is found on Hypeboost.

3. Adidas Superturf Adventure Sean Wotherspoon Jiminy Cricket

The Adidas Superturf Adventure Sean Wotherspoon Jiminy Cricket is the epitome of playfulness transporting you right back to your favorite Disney fairytale: Pinocchio. From this well-known fairytale, the collaborators put their focus on Jiminy Cricket, the greatly dressed cricket. The pair still has the multi-colors with the addition of pattern-blocking and lose stitching.

A nice feature of this shoe is the hidden Jiminy Cricket under the regal purple fabric falling onto the corduroy fabric of the underlays. On the sides, you can find some green synthetic overlays and beige leather. It does not stop there with the surprises. Golden yellow and teal blue leathers are an ode to the famous characters’ shoes and hat. Another pair is ready to be added to your collection.

4. Nike Air Max 90 SE Running Club

A tropical fruit shake is what image this design projects in my mind. Nike released this pair of sneakers to innovate their most popular Nike Air Max 90 by releasing the Running Club. This new version of the Nike Air Max 90 is graced with new bold colors and a mix of fabrics. The materials used to build up this crazy edition are mesh, leather, and suede. It is a blend of bright light and dark green, yellow, and orange colors.

The base is light green with overlays of brighter green color and orange. White plays a great role to tie everything together with the laces and the soles. There are more details like orange overlays and the black and silver metal swoosh on the tongue. This wonderful pair is available on Hypeboost!

5. Air Jordan 1 mid Teal Green (W)

Another great pair to celebrate woman’s day with and the greatest to end the list with. This pair has some exclusive details making it extra special, like the leather nylon tongues and mesh lining. The design consists of a dark teal color and salmon pink for the overlays, toe box, and sole. Moreover, the signature Nike swoosh and wings of Air Jordan are present in the striking salmon color against the dark teal base.

Everything is tied together with the white laces and midsole. The Jumpman takes the opposite approach, a dark green jumping out against the pink. It is amazing how the brand is giving attention to ladies and released this treasure for Spring. How can you not want to add this pair to your collection?